ALPEXPLORE was created to allow people to explore the beauty and power of nature in the mountains, in a sustainable manner and in the safest conditions. As such we aim to offer an inspiring experience to hikers and promote the conservation of nature!
As the founder of ALPEXPLORE, I like to enthuse people, I want to listen to what is important to our  visitors, and I want to collaborate with other organizations and mountain leaders in the area.  As principal mountain leader of ALPEXPLORE, I guide groups in English, Dutch, German or French.  My English language skills were developed through my education as scientist and thru frequent contacts with colleagues, friends and family in the UK and USA. 
Finally, some background info about myself. In 2021, my wife and I decided to settle in the French Alps to start a new life. We took that leap to live closer to nature and our dreams. The first phase of my training as a mountain leader has been completed (at the French Ecole Nationale des Sports en Montagne). One of my mottos is 'lifelong learning', so I consider every hike with a group as an enriching experience !

Stefan Pype