Mountain trekkings

If you are looking for a total immersion into the mountains, then a multi-day hike is perfect for you! We take you for a trekking of 2, 3 or more days, and you will experience how inspiring this unique mix of effort and relaxation can be. We cross mountain passes, rest at lake sides and wander in places where nature reigns. We spend the night in beautifully situated mountain huts - start dreaming!
A good physical shape is required for these trekkings (5-9 hours hiking per day and 600-1000m elevation gain). On some treks we'll encounter technically more demanding sections, but don't worry, everything is discussed in advance and we ensure safe conditions. Below are just 2 examples of our trekkings.

4-day trekking of the Aiguilles d'Arves

Trekking along both sides of the mountains surrounding the plateau. We leave in Albiez and cross to the valley of Valloire. The tour takes us over mountain passes, thru alpine villages, and it will let you explore nature on the north vs south facing slopes. We spend the night in mountain huts and other typical accommodations. 

2-day trekking to the Glacier de l'Etendard

Varied trekking that starts in the green alpine meadows around Saint Sorlain d'Arves and takes you to the 'high mountains' at the base of the glacier. We spend the night in the refuge de l'Etendard in an impressive panorama. If you are into an extra challenge, we can master one of the surrounding peaks on the 2nd day.